A couple of the best electric cars made through out history (They’re older than you think)

Yeah. Electric cars. Most “real car guys” believe that only manual, rear wheel drive, 1,0000000000 horsepower cars can exist. They’re the real car guys car, right?…..

Sigh Why do cars need lots of hp. Why do they need to sound nice. Why do they need to have sooo many horses. Why can’t an electric car be cool? Why? I love them. They offer a glimpse into the future. A future where the brethren of our gasoline cars drive side by side with electric and even hydrogen cars. So, before you go and type your comment about how bad electric cars are and how their energy comes from dirty power plants, I implore you to keep an open mind and an open view to change.

We’ll start this with something Porsche, something old, the…

The P1

Porsche. A company synonymous with beautiful sounding flat sixes, amazing race cars, and dominating each and every sport they enter. But all companies have humble beginnings. Before Ferdinand was involved with the Nazis, before the speedster, before everything was this: The P1. Forget Mclaren and Subaru with their P1, this is the first. The very first. So old that it barely had more than a horse power. So what if it’s slow? It’s a part of history and without it, you probably wouldn’t have the beetle, 911, and many many more. Fun fact, Ferdinand worked on Citrons while in prison for war crimes. Then he got bail, unlike a lot of his colleagues. Then he worked with Volkswagen and even founded his own company. Also fun fact, after the war, Ford could have bought VW for a small sum… They didn’t and now VW owns a large portion of the auto industry.

How about something new? Something… Economic? The Tesla model S!

The model S is Tesla’s second car. The first being the Tesla roadster. That was cool, and as Doug Demuro pointed out, has many many quirks. It was announced in 2008. Think of that. It was announced when Obama became leader of the US of A. In 2012, the sedan was released. At the end of Obama’s first term, the Tesla model S was revealed. Sure, it was delayed by 2 some odd years but we got and, giant touch screen and all. The first version, the 85 and P85 versions. Both offered modest performance and sporty driving dynamics…. And no rear cup holders. OVer the 5 years it’s been around, it’s gotten several new versions and even a design revision. IT also has grown into becoming the fastest CURRENT production car. And if you ask me, it looks really nice. And not to mention, this car is sold in a bunch of states, dang near unwilling to let Tesla make it’s own dealers. Of course Tesla has found their own way around this through gathering orders through small, pop up dealers in shopping centers (There’s one in DC and it’s actually really nice)

Now we travel across the pond, going back to Germany. Instead of being the early 1900s, we go to the early 2010s. Presenting the Audi R8 E-tron!

You know Audi. Owned by VW. Originally called auto union, it was a merger of 4 struggling auto manufactures (Hence the 4 rings). Then, WW2 happened. The National Socialist German Workers Party (Can’t say that 4 letter word here) needed Germany to look good, so why not DECIMATE the competition through auto racing? The Germans where dominant before the but with the new found nationalism, they reigned supreme. Setting records on and off the track, one of them still standing to this day! That being the fastest recorded speed on a public road. 268 mph. But anyways, back on track. (Yeah.. That was a big side track, Like we’re at he Nurburgring and we just went to Laguna Seca). So, Audi. You, since you’re a car guy, probbaly think of an R8, RS(insert number here) or TT but, unlike many companies, offered another sports car. The R8 e-tron. What is the e-tron? Well, it was kinda a living concept. If you had the money, and I mean you fork over some serious cash, you can have it but you basically become a test driver for an electric test bed. It was fast though. With electric all wheel drive, it blasted off the line, and both generations, atleast to me, look great. An added plus is they’re tiny. Oddly 100 where built before Audi pulled the plug….
I know, that was bad.

The new kid on the block! The Rimac concept One and Rimac concept S.

Up! Hup! Gup! Wait one moment! hold those fingers. Those feverishly typing lumps a muscle and bone, stop them. I know what you, yes you are thinking. “OH, it’s only a concept, it isn’t a reeeal car. “ Well, does it have to be a production car to be “cool” and “EDGY?” Simple answer, no. Complex one. This is one of Croatia’s first cars. Now think to yourself. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Croatia? Clear blue water? Scenic, rustic towns and cities? Either way, it’s old and basically unknown and forgotten to a lot of people. Come in battery maker Rimac. They had a dream, a vision of a car. A fast, strikingly beautiful electric car with a high top speed, something lacking in electric cars. Unlike the previous cars I’ve talked about, the Rimac features a two speed transmission. That may not sound like much but when a normal one speed goes up to 155, two speeds should be able to almost double it, if not more, maybe a bit less. The Rimac, with it’s 1,000 some odd horse powers, rockets from zero to 60 in a blistering 2.6 seconds and goes onto a top speed of over 200 mph. Everything about it is customization from it’s driving dynamics to it’s drivetrain. One moment it can be AWD, the next FWD, RWD, Left wheel drive, one wheel drive, you name it.