Times automakers pissed off purists

The new 2017 NSX

Now this is a controversial one… Well, to be honest, all of these are. The NSX really boils people’s blood.

Particularly Millennial car guys and galls. Why? Most of them grew up with the original NSX, the naturally aspirated, rear wheel drive, direct NSX. The one that had feedback from the legendary Aryton Senna. That car pushed the boundary of what a daily super-car could be, while people now-a-days don’t think so with the new one. Why? They say three things. “It doesn’t look like the old NSX,” “It’s not naturally aspirated,” and “It’s not direct and analog like the old one”. Ah, living in the past much? But here’s the thing. NSX stood for New Sportscar experimental. Now NSX stands for New Sports experience. Both of those have a key word. New. New means change and lets face it, hybrids and electric motors and the future. Luckily the NSX proves we can have a fast, fun future.

The Ferrari the Ferrari with a little Ferrari on the side.

Ferrari. The big, bad, gets most of it’s money from branding super car company. They’ve made some of the best super cars of all time like the Enzo, F50, 599 GTO, 355, 458, and many many more… but do you notice one thing that links all of those cars together? It’s not the prancing horse badge, nor is it Rosa Corsa. It’s in the engine bay… No, it’s not many a horse power…. It’s the fact that all of them are naturally aspirated (except for the 288 and F40). Ferraris, for a long time, have been naturally aspirated. Most still are. And when I mean most, I mean practically all. So far, only 6 Ferrari models have been turbo’d from the factory…. But turbo Ferrari’s aren’t all bad. The F40 is one of the most mental, most loved Ferrari’s of all time and, I bet you it was loathed by purists of the time for being turbo’d. Yup, people don’t like turbo’d Ferrari’s because they’re impure. How do you think they’d react to a hybrid? Yup, not that good. But hey, it’s fast an extremely direct.

V6 fords everywhere….

Ah, people. People never change, well, people never get change. Sure, V8s are amazing, heck, I love LS swaps (oh don’t judge, the LS is a great engine that sounds great)! But it’s done. The high performance V8 is slowly dying. Sure, it’s got a couple more decades but the signs are showing. Governments banning engines with certain emission requirements that, already existing V8s just can’t live up too. Especially in an age of smaller, more efficient turbo’d engines. You may be thinking, “hey, smaller engines are terrible, they’re literly the worst!” when in reality they’re not all bad. Take for instance, the new GT and Raptor. People are fretting their minds off at how it no longer has the V8s they’ve been known for when, in reality, the V6s have the same, if not more power and torque and, at least in my opinion, sound amazing too….


Yes, there are a bunch of Grammar mistakes, not my best post but eh, it’s not the worst.