Is Forza becoming so good it’s bad?

Yes. I know. Forza is an amazing game……. quite possibly one of the greatest of all time. “But FLixy, if it’s so good, why is it bad?” Simple kiddo. Simple…. It’s your fault. Yes, you’re fault! Well, probbaly not exactly but you little kids had something to do with it..

So the problem is little kids?

Simple answer: Yes. Not so simple answer: Let’s take a trip back to games like Forza 4 and the very first Forza Horizon. These are games that would not hold your hand as you went through. They where challenging and tricky to master. Most of all, they had actual progression! You would, like Drake, start from the bottom and work your way up. It gave you a sense of accomplishment when you would beat that insanely difficult race or, after days upon days of grinding, finally got the most expensive car in the game. Along with all those, Forza will up and just give you hundreds of thousands of credits each week! 

But I still don’t see the problem!


The problem is simple: Progression is gone! Having that 3000 horse power car from your first hour means, with a turn down of the difficulty, means the user would blast through the game. Playing Forza Horizon 3, I never turned the difficulty down from Hard, and even then I didn’t have trouble winning. I “beat” the game in about 5 days total. Throughout almost half of year of playing forza 4, I, in all honesty, never completely beat the game. I did thoroughly enjoy it. Beating the game so quickly, quickly ruins the fun of the game. People get bored with little to nothing to do. People stop playing. Forza though, has it’s own set of die hard players, ones that come back and pay for the awesome (yet overpriced DLC. Hey, DLC, that’s a story for another day)

But why is the game like this?

Simple. Little kids. Well… Little kids and newbies who just want to get to driving the big, fast, fancy cars. Who could blame them? Big fast fancy cars are cool. When a big corporation (Microsoft) sees what people like (the big fast fancy cars), they make sure people can get them as fast as possible and experience the “real” game as fast as possible. But people aren’t Forza gods. So time to adjust those settings! These newbs can’t handle realistic physics and challenging mechanics, so lets give them the handling from Daytona USA to make them be good at the game!

In conClusion

Believe it or not, I do like Forza and it’s recent games. Sure, their not the best racing games ever but their pretty dang good. I still play FH3 (as evident by the photos) and it is a satisfying game. My only gripe on it would be it’s extremely fast progression. (Now how’s that for a wrap! Haha!)