Stereotypes of car haters

But hating cars? Is that possible? I love and respect all cars!

Of course you do…  But others, others don’t. We’ll start with…

The Fanboy

Ah Fanboys and fangirls. There’s nothing wrong with loving a certain car to the point of obsession, heck, I love the Mazda Cosmo. The problem comes when certain people take their love for the car and immediately trash all other cars. For instance, I’ll use Jeff. Jeff loves the R34 GTR. Jeff is on the internet and sees a thread about the Acura NSX.  Jeff goes onto the thread and describes in lenghty reports as to why the GTR is superior in just about every way when the folks on the thread are just showing their love for cars. But how do you spot one?  Lucky for you I’ve got 3 easy steps!

  1.  They only post about car XYZ
  2. They think car XYZ is superior in every way
  3. They go out of their way to prove that car XYZ is superior in every way


“Go outside. Go for a walk. Enjoy the world. It’s the only one you have! Also, be sure to never ever drive a car again because their poison and it’s slowly killing you and our planet.” Huh? Our cars are so much cleaner than they’ve ever been, plus switching everyone to an electric car would be impossible. It’d take up too much energy that, in all honesty, we don’t have.  So if you like cars and the environment, just be sure to always keep your exhaust in check. How do you spot an enviromentalist?

  1. They drive either a Prius or a non WRX or STI Subaru.
  2. They have bumper sticker’s reading something along the lines of “tree lover”
  3. They glare at you driving your unclean car

The mom

You love her, heck, she’s half of you… Well, half of your genes are hers… But let’s not get into science, this post is about cars after all. You always wanted that skateboard. Your mom always said “no you’ll get hurt”. Your cool uncle steps in and saves the day! You get the board and you have fun, albeit with tons of safety padding from your mom. You grow out of boarding and grow to love cars. No uncle’s gonna buy you a car! So you save up. You’re about to buy your dream 240sx , a perfect, unmodified sx. You’re about to buy it when your mom shakes her head at the “unsafe choice” and decidedly puts you in a base model Hyundi Santa-Fe. Delightful. So you now know what a mom is and what moms do, but how do you spot a mom? Lucky for you, I’ve got three easy steps

  1. They look kind of like you
  2. You lived with them for the majority of your life
  3. You refer to them as “mom,” “Mother,” or “Momma”

The Best Friend

You’ve known them since you where a whee child. You grew up together and share basically all the same interests…. Except for cars. You’re a car guy. He’s not. He has no idea why you even are watching Topgear when things like Football, Football, and other such sporty sports.  If he has a car, it’s likely a mess, as he wouldn’t care for it. He goes into your car (YES YOU) and puts his feet up on the dashboard, eats in your car, and worst of all, drops fries in that impossible to get to space.

The “car guy”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re probbaly furiously typing on that little thing you call a keyboard. Typing something along the lines of, “A real car guy respects all builds”. I’ve got news for you, kiddo. If that’s a real car guy then you’re no real car guy. Well maybe. You probbaly saw the Peugeot from the picture above and cringed at it, thinking “it’s such a nasty and bad car”. Maybe that’s all the guy could have afforded. Maybe he just likes said car.  But this is all ok! Don’t beat yourself up! It’s alright to have opinions on other people’s rides, heck, we have opinions about other peoples…well… everything. So how do you spot a car guy?

  1. Always talks about cars
  2. Look in a mirror
  3. Can name almost any car you point out


So what have we learned? Yes you over there, with your hand raised. What’s that? We learned that Fanboys will have an unending love towards a certain car no matter the disadvantages? You there! Hmmm? We learned that Mom’s want the best for their children to the point of making things not fun? YES! HAHA! You there! In the back! We learned that the environment is dying and they was to take cars with them? Got’cha! Friends will never appreciate cars as much as you do? That’s the sad truth there, friendo. And last but not least, we learned that we should have our own opinions about whatever we like…

So with that, I hope you enjoyed my latest error filled mess! BYE!!!!