The original hyper car: Aston Martin Bulldog

You wouldn’t think of Aston as a mid engine, 237 mph hyper car maker, would you? Aston, the company that typically makes cars for the likes of Grand touring and sometimes racing, making a hyper car. Wow. Alright. So i take it you want to know about the bulldog, I’ll give you the short story and the long story. Let’s start with the short story. Aston Martin had some money and wanted to build a new car so they did the bulldog, an extreme super car capable of extreme speed. In the middle of the development cycle, Aston ran out of money. Poo. The car never went into production….

So how about the… 

Long story….

To start off this tale of a dog without a tail, we have to start with Aston’s extravagant and lavish four seater, four door. The original Lagonda. The Lagonda had revolutionary features like a fully digital dashboard. Fancy right? For the 1970s it was. The car garnished much attention and much attention but, sadly, very few early models exists. Why? 16 cars made in the first year that’s why. Anyways we should probably get to why the bulldog exists because of the Lagonda. No one thought that post bankruptcy Aston would be able to produce such a lavish, expensive car. It was long, luxurious, and most of all, advanced. After Aston proved that they could make the Lagonda, they set their sights on something new: Super cars.

The Bulldog, which ran under the very British development name of “K-9”, spent 4 years in development. A rather long time for something that would never be put into production. The Lagonda came into play with this big, wide, supercar’s development. The new LED technology provided a new, digital dashboard, just like in the Lagonda. The design of the two car’s is similar too, as both are large, wide wedges. Heck, they even have the same rear lights! 15 and 6. That’s how long this car is. This car is longer than a Chevy Cruze! It’s also smaller than one at 43 inches tall. Not much is known about it’s development cycle, other than Aston was doing pretty good for itself at the time.

What is known is that is was fast. Very fast. Zero to 60 in 5 seconds. “HOLD UP! Five seconds isn’t fast when the Demon goes 0-60 in 2.3!”. In the late 80s, with crappy tires and extreme (and I mean extreme) turbo lag, this was extremely fast. It put all of it’s 700 horses down through it’s rear 345 section rears, which, of course, would be put down by the best of the best tires Pirelli could produce. Those tires being the P7, which of course, you can find on the likes of the Countach and the Pantera. The theoretical topspeed of this wide, low beast is about 237 mph. If the Bulldog went into production, it would label itself as the fastest car in the world. Of course, as you’d know, Aston never made the luxurious autobahn blaster. Instead, they made the Virage out of a two door Lagonda. But hey, that’s a blog post for another day. But Mr. Writer, how about the doors? Well, I’m glad you asked (You didn’t , I did). The doors where something special. The doors where long (over 4 1/2 feet long) and extended into the sky like a gull wing. The doors went up using a mechanism just like that seen in THE NASA SPACE SHUTTLE. No, no, they used a retrofitted version of the V8 volante’s top.


But where is it now?

Now that’s a good question. Back in the early 90s, after Aston abandoned the project, it’s said the car was sold to a wealthy Saudi for 130 British pounds. Yeouch. That car is probably worth somewhere in the tens of Millions now. But it’s been 35 years. Changes happen. The car is now, rather than grey, a two tone green, new leather, gold plating (EW), a rear view mirror, and a monitor that acts as a backup camera.


What lies in the future?


In 2015, Aston revealed this, the AM-100. A video game elusive model that showcased the best that Aston could do. It featured a mid engine V12, extreme areo, and those rear light sticks you see on the Vulcan. But wait! There’s more! Announced in 2016, there’s the Nebula. A mid engines, F1 developed car that’s supposedly going to get made before the end of the decade. Spiritual successor anyone?