The reason why autos are so popular and why they became popular.

Ah, a re doing of a classic, inspiring post. Before you jump the gun and jump to that comment section, I implore you to read on, as I will be stating the positives and the negatives. 


I’m back again with a spicy article! After reviewing over the previous versions, i figured I’d give this another shot, as I know much more than I did before.  Also, I’ve taken a look at the very dramatic, insult filled comments of that and decided i just wanted to know what it feels like to be hated again! (kidding of course)

Fuel economy

Automatics are getting smarter, faster, and most of all, extremely efficient. Cars like the Prius get fuel economy in the range of 30, 40, and even 50 miles per gallon! Even with a skilled driver, getting numbers like that with a manual is extremely difficult, if not impossi- wait.. Nothing is impossible if you believe! Anywho, most hyper mile cars don’t even offer a manual, leaving people to either get creative or leave the car to it’s high tech computer. That leads us to the next point…..



(If you want to here about transmissions, fast forward to the bolded word) As technology advances, which in this age of extremely rapid development, is inevitable, more and more of it will be implemented into our cars. What we’ve already seen is automatic crash protection, which, as the name implies, stops the car from crashing in a “crash” it can detect. These cause problems at things like race tracks. When braking, a car may detect an object and slow to a stop, which then causes that car to become a hazard on the track. That’s no good. But it also is. The technology is proven to save lives, just, well, not on the track.  BUT WHOA.

I Got totally sidetracked there! This is supposed to be about transmissions! New dual clutch transmissions can shift faster than humans could ever dream of. To add insult to injury, some manufacturers make 8, 9, and 10 speed transmissions, which means that a car can run at 60 or 70 mph with the engine at 1500 rpm, or basically the rpm it idles at. On one hand it’s impressive that autos have gone from 4 speed with overdrives to 10 speed with the last 4 gears set for extremely low highway cruising. On the other hand you have manuals, which, in some cases get updated. When they do they’re often loved by very few (car guys) and ordered by even less (car guys that can afford it).

Costs and why it’s popular

Automatics cost more. Simple. As. That. But if an automatic is the only option, who’s to say it costs more? Automatics often provide the user with the thought of stability and comfort, as the driver only has to focus on one thing, the road ahead. Often they’re bought because of a growing movement. Many people in the states bought one because they were seen as high dollar option (and this is the 60s!), so it was an added luxury. Their children would buy one, and then their children, and so on and so forth. Imagine, back in the 60s, when everything was a manual, having a car that would shift on it’s own. It’d seem just smack dab magical!