What Makes a Classic a classic

Classic cars. Something of a big debate between people, the government, and associations alike. Just think of living in the 60s (without the racism and sexism and homophobia and all that not so fun stuff) . Things like Ford fairlanes, Mini coopers, and Chevy Novas where all normal and, at one point, the crappy used car people bought for chump change with their first paycheck.  But does that mean things like (NEW) corollas and Nissan Versas will be considered classics one day? Quite possibly. But what exactly is a classic?

The 25 year rule

Welcome to the United States of America. Seeing as most of my readers are from Europe (COOL), I assume that some of you have no clue about importing things to the United states. (Well seeing as most people read this from a car site, maybe not).The US is really stingy, making the importation fee linked to the year a car can be qualified as a classic. That year, as some of you know, is 25 years of age. Which, in turn, leads to the big import debacle. A car that isn’t a 25 years old either can’t be imported or must be imported with an agreement for only driving the car track or keeping it for show. Fun fact, that’s how Bill Gates got his 959 into the country. But this post ain’t about importing, it’s about classic cars, and the US says that any car older than 25 years of age is a classic! That means that a 1992 Camry is a classic.


Technicalities, Ethan, technicalities!

Of course those are just rules, and who follows rules anyways! (Well, everyone should). A car can become a classic on the day of it’s reveal! Just look at the toyota/subaru/scion brz/frs/gt86 triplets! They’re regarded as some of the greatest driving cars of our generation and they’re not even five years old! Wait… They’re five years old! Time sure flies! This is probbaly the same feeling children of the 90s felt with the Miata/Mx-5. It was a new, cool sports car that looked timeless (still does) and performs beautifully! C L A S S I C U P O N R E L E A S E.

Anyhow, I do believe that a car, if it’s good enough, can be considered a classic when new. Something that people will look back on and remember. Cars like the Rx7, supra, and oddly, the Ferrari 458. But what makes a car a, lets call it, future classic  (I am in no way the originator of these terms, by the way).

  1. They’ve gotta look the part. After all, you don’t see the Ferrari 612 scalagetti going up in price
  2. They’ve gotta handle. Let it be touring, canyon carving or cruising, a car’s gotta have a solid identity but it can’t over do itself. From what I’ve read, the new Mclaren 720s has this problem, it’s got all the cards but doesn’t know which one to use. But then again you don’t want it to be a one trick pony.
  3. They have to bring a smile to the driver’s face. Yup. Smiles. Pretty nice right. You don’t want a car to get you angry, you want one to make you happy. Let it be at the drag strip, in the mountains, or on the track, you want it for you.