Group S: A bite from the forbidden fruit

Group B. Some herald it as the high point in rally. Stating the speed, danger, and car development as examples of its awesome power. The restrictions, while arguably are what made the sport great, lead to its downfall. A Lancia Delta, one in group B guise rather than the group S you see above, was thundering down a course… Rumors said that the engineers hollowed out the roll cage and filled them with NoS. When the car flew past the finish line and abruptly caught on fire, and I do mean the whole car was consumed in flames, those rumors were exemplified. The dangers were real. Though one tragedy couldn’t stop the sport, multiple others could. Drivers hitting crowds, spinning out and hurting, and in some cases, killing them. It was dangerous, but it was great… Continue reading

Is Turn10 ruining forza?

One Billion dollars. Ten games. Over one hundred million units sold. Forza Motorsport Seven is by far one of the biggest racing game franchises in the world, if not one of the biggest game franchises in the world. Turn10 have taken the racing game genre and just risen it to a whole new level. And with success comes excess. More cars, more pixels, more this, more that, just more. 

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